Hiba Scholarship

The Hiba Scholarship is an academic scholarship that aims to make learning the Arabic Language accessible to those who are on low income, from disadvantaged backgrounds or are struggling financially. It is awarded based on academic and personal merit. It is designed to support students via a partial or full fee waiver. The scholarship is particularly aimed at those going through genuine financial hardships with no means of paying for the Arabic course fully.

  • Level 1 – Full scholarship in the form of a fee waiver the fees
  • Level 2 – Partial scholarship in the form of a fee waiver (70% off)
  • Level 3 – Partial scholarship in the form of a fee waiver (50% off)



  • The scholarship is given in the form of a course fee waiver and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • The scholarship fee waiver only applies to course fees published on the website.
  • You are ِstill required to pay for other expenses such as (not limited to): accommodation, visas, trips, and coursebooks.
  • Currently available to females only


  • 1-Year  (Sept 2023- Aug 2024)
  • 1-Year (Sept 2023- Aug 2024) *Part-time
  • 6-Month (Jan 2024- June 2024)
  • 1-Year  (Jan 2024- Dec 2024)


20 July 2023 – for programmes starting on Sept 2023
20 Oct 2023 – for programmes starting on Jan 2024

Outstanding Student Scholarship

Students who meet the following criteria can receive a fee reduction of 50% of their fees if they:

  • Have full attendance and no lateness
  • Get 95% or more in their mid-level and end-of-level exam

 How it works:

1) You pay for the level
2) Attend ALL your classes punctually
3) Pass your exams with 95% or more
4) Get 50% of the fees paid back OR use the amount for the following level.


  • You must apply for this grant – you will not be considered automatically
  • Applicable for selected courses only: Arabic Language (paying per level)
  • Applicable for GROUP classes only run by EA.

    Running from: Sept -Dec 2023


What is the application process?

Once you register, you will either be:

  • Considered for an upcoming programme and invited for an interview.
  • Put on the waiting list to be considered for future programmes
  • Denied

The number of scholarships awarded per programme differs and is limited. Applicants who are successful will be contacted by the scholarship award date.  If you are put on the waiting list, you will also be notified.

If you are contacted for an interview*, that means you have been shortlisted for an upcoming programme.

You will then be informed whether your place is confirmed for the upcoming programme, denied or put on the waiting for a future programme.

Shortlisted candidates will be informed if they are successful by 25 July for September starts, and 25 Nov for January starts.

If students get partial funding, how much do they have to pay?

For Arabic, it will depend on the course you are enrolled in and the number of levels you will be completing. You would get a percentage amount off the total course fee. 

For example, if you are joining the One-Year Programme and receive a Level 2 scholarship, then you would pay 30 % of the total amount payable for 11 levels. 

Immersion Arabic Programme 

£230*11 = £2530 (fees for 11 levels)
30% of £2530 = £675.15 

You would pay £675.15 for the 1-Year Arabic Programme.

What expenses should students think about outside of the scholarship?

The scholarship covers course fees only. 

For other expenses, please refer to for a breakdown: https://www.explorearabic.org/living-costs-in-egypt 


What are we looking for in the Scholarship applications?

We look at a wide range of things when selecting applicants. You are NOT required to have high grades to be eligible. Experience, proactivity in seeking knowledge, ambitions, and other achievements are also taken into consideration. Demonstrating the potential to benefit others is highly desirable.

Who is this scholarship open to?

The scholarship is open to all nationalities and backgrounds.  You do not have to be an English speaker. 

Scholarship – Terms & Conditions 


  1. Scholarships are non-deferrable.
  2. The scholarship cannot be transferred to another programme or course. It is only applicable to the courses specified by EA. 
  3. The scholarship, unless specified otherwise, cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts given to students such as the family discount.
  4. We reserve the right to defer the scholarship to the next intake should the programme not run.
  5. Partial scholarships will be awarded according to the fees published on the EA website.
  6. You are ِrequired to pay for accommodation, trips, coursebooks and any other expenses unless specified otherwise.
  7. There is no cash alternative to the Scholarship award (unless specified otherwise), and awards are not transferable to another course or person.
  8. If a Scholarship has been specified to be in cash form, you must be already engaged in study to receive it. You must also have completed the payment of any requested fees. Delay in payment can result in a delay in receiving the Scholarship.
  9. The offer cannot be transferred for a course in another institution (including partnered institutions).
  10. You are subject to the same Terms & Conditions for courses as regular students. Where there is a conflict between these Terms and those in the Student Agreement and other policies, the terms in this document take precedence. 
  11. You may only be eligible for ONE scholarship category at a time and EA reserved the right to change the category. 
  12. Feedback will not be provided on unsuccessful scholarship applications. All scholarship awards are discretionary so even if you meet the criteria you are not guaranteed to receive one.
  13. Requests to add additional information or make modifications to the original application may be rejected. 

Your Obligations

As a scholarship holder, you must:

  1. Accept the scholarship offer by the given deadline – EA  reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a scholarship if it is not accepted by the given deadline.
  2. Join your course/programme at the given start date and end on the given end date.
  3. Pass all end-of-level exams results with satisfactory results (80%-95% or higher – depending on the scholarship category). End-of-level exam retakes may be allowed on a discretionary basis if participation and attendance during the level was upto standard (no more than 3 absences). Level retakes are not permitted unless stated otherwise. 
  4. Set an example of the ideal student as much as possible to contribute favourably to the EA student body and culture.  
  5. Meet the conditions attached to your academic offer (if it is a conditional offer).
  6. Agree to act in an ambassadorial capacity when requested. Duties include, but are not limited to:
    1. sharing your experiences through campaigns such as case studies, blogs, etc.
    2. being available to talk to potential applicants about the programme
    3. being a point of contact after course completion to prospective students 
    4. active contribution to completing feedback forms and being a student representative to help develop our programmes
    5.  to provide student profiles or testimonials if requested by EA.  
  7. Seek permission and obtain consent from EA administration and the Programme Coordinator before making any changes to your programme of study – this includes changing courses, suspending studies, etc. Please note that approval is given on a discretionary basis. Where changes are made without prior approval, the scholarship will be withdrawn and you may be required to repay the scholarship in full.
  8. If you have not been awarded a full scholarship, pay all outstanding tuition fees by deadlines stated by EA. Non-payment of fees may result in the scholarship being withdrawn and full fees being charged to you.
  9. Maintain your living costs for the duration of your programme of study, if the scholarship does not include accommodation or any other living costs. 
  10. Agree to EA contacting you during the period approximately two years after your completing the programme for an update on how the scholarship has impacted you. 


Termination of Award

EA may terminate the scholarship in the following circumstances and the implications are set out below:

  1. We suspend the programme, you withdraw from the course or you are withdrawn by EA. 
  2. All scholarships require satisfactory progress on your course. You will NOT be eligible for the awarded scholarship if you:
    1. Do not complete the full course and subsequently will be required to pay the fees of the course;
    2. You do not meet academic performance requirements, and consequently, you will be required to pay the full fee for the remainder of the course. 
  3. You are subsequently found to be ineligible for the Scholarship because your financial circumstances were not as described, or important parts of your application on your background or experience is found to be inaccurate. Your scholarship will be cancelled and you will be required to repay the full tuition fees.

Reservation List

  1. EA may select a number of students to be on a reserve list. Such applicants will be notified accordingly, after each selection round.
  2. Students on the reserve list may be contacted at a later date to be informed that they have been offered an award should funding become available.
  3. Being placed on the reserve list is not a guarantee of an award.

Use of Data

EA may use the data / information you share with us as part of your application, to advise you as an applicant and to process your application. If you join an EA programme, we may use the data you provide to inform our strategies for supporting you as a student, to inform you about provision that you may be able to access, to monitor student success and for other legitimate reasons. In the case where scholarships are funded by a corporate or private donor, personal details may be transferred to this third party for the purpose of administering the award.