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A facilitator of learning Arabic and Quran.
We particularly work on organising immersive Arabic language programmes, so you get the opportunity to learn in the ideal language learning environment in the best way possible.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help people learn Arabic so they can connect

By ‘connect’, we mean being able to use Arabic practically to fulfil your purpose whether its to communicate effectively with other or to understand the Quran in a way which cannot be achieved without learning Arabic. 


There is a need for learning the Arabic language. Just as English has become an international language which many strive to learn to improve prospects, Arabic is likewise important for anyone seeking to understand Islamic literature and any Muslim who is sincere in  wanting to improve their spiritual well-being and gaining a well-rounded understanding of their faith. It is the language of the Ummah, and learning it is invaluable. 


Study programmes abroad – short courses, seasonal and year-long Arabic programmes that are well-structured with immersion opportunities, special cutting-edge supplementary resources, and student-centred learning. We aim to go above and beyond with pastoral care and support throughout your studies. 

Current available destinations: Egypt and Turkey.
Possible future destinations: Saudi Arabia ❤

Learning Lab – made with the purpose of developing all your language skills, providing essential vocabulary and explaining Arabic grammar in simpler terms. What makes it great is that it is organised according to CEFR levels and skills so you can browse materials according to your level and needs. 

CEFR levels are a set of international standards for measuring language proficiency. 
The levels:
A1= Beginner/Starter 
A2 = Elementary
B1 = Pre-intermediate
B2 = Intermediate
C1 = Upper-intermediate
C2 = Advanced

Classes online – You can continue progressing through your course when you return home though live lessons online. 

Although our main focus is to facilitate Arabic learning, please note there are opportunities to learn Quran too.  

Although we are an Islamic organisation, our programmes are open to anyone who wants to pursue learning Arabic. We hold male-only and female-only programmes, and also cater to private groups. 



Studying abroad does not give you an immersive experience by default.  Interacting with locals is not as easy as it sounds, especially when they don’t speak the exact same language you’re learning. Having the opportunity to meet natives who are willing to speak in a way you understand or aim to speak is not always easy. We aim to help you overcome this by providing opportunities to get involved.  

Study materials

We offer learning materials which supplement the programmes you take with us.  These are in the form of notes and flashcards which will help you quickly understand grammar concepts and learn key vocabulary in an interactive and fun way.  

A chance to explore

We believe in balance and taking advantage of opportunities when travelling. Visiting countries abroad not only means immersion, but also means exploring and appreciating landscapes, history and culture. Trips and excursions are organised for students so they’re able to explore without having to worrying about organising and fitting this in during their studies.  

Pastoral support & care

However and wherever you choose to learn Arabic, we’re here to help you on your journey to give you free consultation and advice. All our programmes have English-speaking supervisors to support you during your stay at your chosen destination. 

Continuous learning

Your journey shouldn’t stop once you finish your course abroad. Stay connected with teachers online.


Umm Uthmaan founded Explore Arabic in 2019, starting off with online Arabic and Quran classes. She holds a bachelor’s in Arabic and Law from SOAS, University of London and is undertaking her MA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies at UCL. She also holds a CELTA teaching qualification with over 7 years of foreign language teaching experience. She studied Arabic and Quran in Jordan and Egypt, as well as in the UK.

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