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Junior Summer Programme

Cairo - Summer 2024





An educational setting instilling Islamic values, culture and manners.


Interactive lessons with native speakers to enhance life skills and keep students engaged


Retain what you learnt and make progress  after the course


Arabic & Quran for Juniors

Ages: 5-16 years
Levels: Beginner- Advanced
No. of Levels:
– Programme for ages 5-12 years: 12 levels
– Programme for ages 12+: 18 levels

The Summer Arabic & Quran Programme for Juniors offers kids and teenagers ages 5*-16 years the opportunity to learn Arabic and Quran in an educational, immersive and fun way.

The programme guides young learners to:

  • Learn to understand, read, write and speak the Arabic language
  • Enhance life skills through interactive activities: communication, teamwork, confidence, exploration, creativity and problem-solving
  • Recite Quran correctly with Tajweed
  • Memorise selected Surahs with the correct pronunciation

Besides Arabic and Quran, juniors are also introduced to select topics from Seerah, Islamic manners, Tafsir and Aqidah to nurture and instil good manners and the correct understanding of Islam (different themes for different levels and ages).


Students learn to understand, read, write and speak Fusha Arabic by using grammar and vocabulary practically throughout the course. 1 level is completed over 4 weeks.


The content and objectives of Quran classes vary for each age group and level. Beginners learn to read and build a foundation in pronouncing Arabic letters and words correctly. Intermediate and advanced students are introduced to selected Tajweed topics (practice and theory).  Students are also set Hifdh goals for the summer.

Students are expected to memorise at home and use class time to read by heart to the teacher and their peers. 


The selected themes for this summer:

  • Tafsir of Surah Al-Fatihah
  • The story of Yusuf (alayhisalaam) and Bani Israa’il
  • Selected Ahadith from Imam An-Nawawi


*4-year-olds can be accepted given they demonstrate the ability and capacity to participate in the 5-8 age group.
*Students 16+ years can join adult classes for Arabic and Quran
*Under 5s can be put in the crèche. Some light educational and fun activities besides free play will be provided. They will be introduced to the alphabet and some short Surahs for memorisation.
*It’s important to note the short summer course serves as a level booster and helps students achieve mini goals.

Hifdh Camp for Juniors

Ages: 5-16 years

An opportunity for your child to spend time with the book of Allah in the company of other like-minded students. The camp allows them to benefit from experienced and skilled teachers to improve their recitation and Tajweed, guiding their Hifdh, and setting them targets. 


4 Weeks

Hifdh Camp for Juniors

Course Dates
02 July – 28 July 2024 (4 Weeks)

Class Type: Group

☆ Hifdh Camp
(8am-3pm, 5 days a week, 4 weeks)

☆ Hifdh Camp
(8am-5pm, 5 days a week, 4 weeks)

£60  £35

£100  £60

4 Weeks

Arabic Language & Quran for Juniors

Course Dates
31 July – 26 Aug 2024 (4 Weeks)

Class Type: Group

☆ Arabic Language – 60 hrs (1 level, 4 weeks)
☆ Quran – 40 hrs
☆ Islamic Studies – 20 hrs
☆ Coursebook
☆ 2 Trips
☆ Airport pick-up and drop-off




Get assistance finding accommodation for your family after booking your course.

Trips & Excursions

 The Nile River

Islamic Cairo
The Red Sea
Port Said

ONE/TWO full-day trips from above is included in the package


(For under 5s)
The creche offers light educational activities that introduce them to the Arabic alphabet, basic Arabic vocabulary, and memorisation of short Surahs and Duaas, alongside free play.

£60 per month – (8am-3pm, Sunday to Thursday)
£2.50 per hour / £10 per day


10% sibling discount*

*Early-Bird offer extended to 18 April 2024 for adults in the family joining the senior programme. Enter the discount code EBSM24J at checkout.

**Sibling discount cannot be used in conjunction with the Early-bird discount


20 May 2024

Why Egypt?

Visit the ancient city of Cairo, home to many scholars and specialist of the Arabic language and Quranic sciences…

Egypt has always been a learning hub for Arabic, Quran and Islamic sciences being where scholars in these fields and their students reside and teach.  

Areas like Madinat Nasr are buzzing with foreigners from all corners of the world in their journey of studying Arabic, Quran and Islamic studies so you'll not only meet locals, but people of other cultures who probably only share one language with you (Arabic).

Although the language of the streets is the Egyptian colloquial dialect (known as  'Aamiyyah), it is still relatively easy to pick up as it has been minimally influenced by the language of its  colonisers. Many words are derived from fusha (Modern Standard Arabic) so it is possible to understand what is being said over time.

The Islamic atmosphere, friendly people and hospitality leaves everyone with memories that  gives them a longing to return back.

What are you waiting for?

Contact us if you have any queries or get started by registering. 


Frequently Asked


Are classes mixed gender?

The setup is varies from age group to agegroup

12+ years old = Boys and girls have completely separate classes

9-11 year old = Boys and girls are segregated within the classroom or separated completely.

8 years and below = mixed gender classes

Where is the programme located?

The majority of our programmes are now located in our centre, Itqan Alarabiyah, in the heart of Nasr City. 

The creche for under 5s is located in the same building as the adult programme. 

Programme location Students (16+) 

Programme location Juniors (5-16) 

The buildings for the adults and children are separate with a distance of approximately 15 minutes by transportation. A  shuttle service between the two locations is available for juniors on the programme. The approximate costs are below: 

£18 per month (1 child)
£12 per month per child (2-3 children)
£10 per month per child (4+ children)

Can I send my children to Egypt without accompanying them?

Under 18s must have an adult responsible for their care during their stay in Egypt. The recreational trips are intended for families so they would also need their chaperone to be with them.

The recreational trips are not currently like “school trips” where staff are responsible for the children.  

Can I get the Early-Bird offer if I do my evaluation after the offer date expires?

Your evaluation has to be booked and completed before the early-bird offer expires for you to be eligible for the offer. If you’re booking last minute before the offer and you cannot find a slot before the date, contact support so they can assist you in finding unlisted slots.

If we send you your place offer after the offer expiry date, you are still eligible for the offer given you confirm your place within 3 days of receiving the place offer.  

Can I apply the Early-Bird offer with a sibling discount?

No, only one of the two offers can be redeemed at a time. 

I'm coming mid-July and want my child to benefit from the Hifdh camp which starts in the beginning of July, can my child still join?

Yes, your child can still join. However, there would be no reduction in the fees. 

What's the cancellation policy?

Full refunds are available for course cancellations made before 10 May. Only partial refunds are possible after this date.

Accommodation bookings are non-refundable after 01 June (regardless of your start date).

For more info, please read the terms and conditions here:

Do you support children with special needs or learning difficulties?

We don’t currently have the facilities to support children with special needs. However, if your child’s needs can be supported by receiving extra tuition, you can consider booking extra lessons for your child. 


What's the registration process?

1. Register
2. Pay a £50 deposit (deducted from the course fee later) and take a placement test (Evaluation)
3. Receive a place confirmation
4. Pay the remaining programme fees
5. Receive a programme confirmation and book flights!

You should book an evaluation for each child.

When should I apply for my child?

Apply as soon as registration is open to avoid disappointment. Places are limited so it’s best to reserve your place ahead of time. 

When will places be accepted?

After the evaluation, please allow 1-14 days for us to send you a place offer.

What's the purpose of the Evaluation?

Through the Evaluation, we assess level and needs.


Can I put my child in the regular student accommodation?

Student accommodation is for students aged 18+ years. Students aged 14-17 can be eligible for our regular student accommodation on condition they have an adult responsible for them (they must also be a student and the same gender as apartments are not mixed).

Couples, families with children and mixed gender family members (who don’t want to be separated) would be required to take private housing. 

 You can read more here: 

Student accommodation pricing can be found here:


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