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Live Online Lessons

Study from anywhere. Never stop learning.


Teachers are natives with qualifications and experience in teaching Arabic to non-natives


Our classes are student-centred which will keep you engaged and focused


Our groups classes are small and intimate so every student has time to interact with the teacher


Exclusive access to our online flashcards that will ease your journey of learning

your journey structured

Arabic Language Programme

Duration: 30-40 hours per level
No. of Levels: 12
Age: 12+ years


In this general Arabic programme, you will learn to understand, read, writing and speak Fusha (Standard) Arabic in a wide range of topics, covering Modern Standard Arabic as well and some classical Arabic themes.  

Focus on improving your verbal Arabic communication skills through our structured programme.


Arabic Speaking


connect with your LIFE’S COMPANION

Classical Arabic Programme

No. of Levels: 8

Learn Arabic through Islamic themes and subjects and classical literature.

connect with your LIFE’S COMPANION

Quran Lessons

Quran for Beginners
Quran for Kids

Invest in your Quran journey to keep connected with the best companion of this world. Our highly qualified Quran teachers will guide you to your goal whether that is to recite with correct Tajweed or memorise.


Frequently Asked

When should I apply?

You should try to apply as soon as registration so we can allocate you to the right level.

How do I take the classes?

via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. 

Are lessons recorded?

Yes, lessons are recorded. 

Are lessons 1:1 private or in groups?

You can choose to take lessons privately or in groups. Group lessons start on specific dates so you should subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated on when the next classes start. 

Should I take private or group classes?

Groups lessons are recommended as you get to interact and practice with others. You’re also more likely to go further because you’re more motivated. 

Private 1:1 lessons are for you if you need flexibility in your timetable and would like to go at your own pace. 

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