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Year-Round Arabic & Quran Programme

Egypt, 2024-25




Get exclusive access to our study resources that will ease your journey of learning Arabic


Get a chance to explore Egypt besides your studies through trips organised by us.



Learning to communicate effectively is every student’s priority. Our EXTRA Fusha conversation and dialect classes are dedicated to help you achieve just that


Get to and from the airport with less to worry about.


Furnished accommodations with WifI and utility bills taken care of!


Staying in Egypt can be filled with challenges. Our team is there to make them go away.

Course Description

Arabic Language Immersion

Level: Beginner-Advanced
No. of Levels: 18
Duration per level: 66 hrs

Our Year-Round Programme gives you the chance to stay and experience Egypt over a longer period of time. The curriculum gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the language and gain plenty of speaking practice alongside your Core Arabic language classes.

The Core Curriculum

The main Arabic programme is a general Fusha (Standard) Arabic programme that targets and develops all four language skills simultaneously: listening, reading, writing and speaking. It teaches grammar (Nahw, Sarf and Balagha) and vocabulary related to a wide range of topics and themes, modern and classical across the levels.

The Immersion Curriculum

The Arabic Immersion programme is made up of the Core Curriculum and additional classes to improve your communication skills (writing and speaking) and make your experience more enjoyable and immersive. 


  • Projects & Activities (12 hours per level) – benefit from a variety of activities such as (not limited to) debating, extended role-plays, presentations, fieldwork and calligraphy. Projects and activities differ depending on your level and interests.
  • Speaking classes (4 hours per level) – These are organised to give you more conversation practice in small groups.



Level: Complete Beginner – Advanced
Prerequisites: None

The Quran programme set for the year aims to:

  • Improve your Tajweed recitation of the Quran;
  • Give you an in-depth understanding of the Tajweed rules;
  • Guide you to attain the etiquettes (Adab) of a student of the Quran;
  • Move you closer to your Hifdh goals

During the programme, you will have the benefit of studying the theoretical and practical side of Tajweed and the Tafsir of selected short Surahs.

The programme also serves as preparation for those who would like to gain Ijaazah.

Beginner (Level 0A-0B)

Start your journey of reading the Quran from here! You’ll start with the Arabic alphabet and work through the Qa’idah (Arabic reading primer) until you can read verses from the Quran in Arabic independently with the correct pronunciation. As well as developing your confidence in reading, you will also memorise selected short Surahs through repetition with the teacher in class.

Intermediate (Levels 1-2)

During these levels, you will focus on correcting foundations and covering the essential rules of Tajweed needed to improve your recitation. You will also improve your Quran recitation through feedback and error correction from the teacher.

Advanced (Levels 3-4)

You will study the rules of tajweed in greater depth. These levels are for those who aspire to teach the Qur’an and have a strong background in Tajweed. Memorisation of Al-Jazariyyah Matn is required.

The curriculum follows the school of Sheikh Ayman Rushdu As-Suwayd

Note: While this programme prepares you to obtain Ijaazah, the there is an additional fee to read to the teacher with Ijaazah and for the Ijaazah certificate.


Arabic & Quran Programme


Programme Dates:

July 2024 – May 2025
Sept 2024 – Aug 2025
Jan 2025 – Dec 2025

Location: Nasr City, Cairo
Ages: 16+ years
Open to: Males & Females


  • Arabic language lessons
    – 5 days a week
    – Completion of 11 levels
  • Quran classes
    – 5 days a week
    – Tajweed, Hifdh, Tafsir
  • Projects & Activities – Make your experience truly immersive
  • Dedicated speaking practice (small groups) *Online
  • Aamiyyah – 20 hours *Online
  • 3 trips
  • Furnished accommodation (+ WiFi, Utility bills) *Shared
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Care and support throughout your stay 

£5500  £4850

Arabic & Quran Programme


Programme Dates:
April 2024 – Oct 2024
July 2024 – Dec 2024
Sept 2024 – March 2025

Location: Nasr City, Cairo
Ages: 16+ years
Open to: Males & Females


  • Arabic language lessons (group classes)
    – 5 days a week
    – Completion of 6 levels
  • Quran classes (group classes)
    – 5 days a week
    – Tajweed, Hifdh, Tafsir (depending on level)
  • Projects & Activities – Make your experience truly immersive
  • Dedicated speaking practice (small groups) *Online
  • 3 trips
  • Furnished accommodation (+ WiFi, Utility bills) *Shared
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Care and support throughout your stay 

£3200  £2800


Full-day Trips 

The Nile river
Port Said
Islamic Cairo

The Red Sea
+ others

These are examples of the trips we offer. Extra trips not included in the programme have additional charges


WiFi & Utility bills included
General maintenance
Shared room

Upgrade to a Private Room

£690 – Small
£895 – Medium
£1200 – Large

Registration Closing Dates

10 May 2024 (for July start)
10 July (for September start)

*Note: Spaces may fill up before these dates as spaces are limited


1. Register
2. Book online Evaluation
3. Get your place offer

Get the most out of your time

Language immersion is probably why you’re thinking of going to an Arabic speaking country. However, you may struggle to find natives who interact with you at your level. Our programme is designed to ensure all your learning needs are met while you’re here in Egypt.

  • Projects & Activities – these are designed to improve your speaking, and writing skills practically through role-play, presentations, discussions, giving speeches, debates etc.
  • Arabic speaking classes – a chance to practice speaking Fusha with natives more practically.
  • ‘Aamiyyah classes – The introductory Egyptian dialect course aims to give you a basic understanding of the language used daily around you.






1. Registration

Submit your details so we have some background information about you. Proceed to Step 2 after watching the Induction Video.

2. Placement Test & Interview

During the meeting, we will test your Tajweed, and your Arabic reading and speaking to help us determine your level and needs for the programme.

3. Place Offer & Payment

Pay for the programme partially or in full to reserve your place.

Why Egypt?

Visit the ancient city of Cairo, home to many scholars and specialist of the Arabic language and Quranic sciences…

Egypt has always been a learning hub for Arabic, Quran and Islamic sciences being where scholars in these fields and their students reside and teach.  

Areas like Madinat Nasr are buzzing with foreigners from all corners of the world in their journey of studying Arabic, Quran and Islamic studies so you'll not only meet locals, but people of other cultures who probably only share one language with you (Arabic).

Although the language of the streets is the Egyptian colloquial dialect (known as  'Aamiyyah), it is still relatively easy to pick up as it has been minimally influenced by the language of its  colonisers. Many words are derived from fusha (Modern Standard Arabic) so it is possible to understand what is being said over time.

The Islamic atmosphere, friendly people and hospitality leaves everyone with memories that  gives them a longing to return back.

What students have said...

"A strength of the Arabic programme is the group discussions and creative activities. e.g. plan a business idea and pitch it."

Anonymous (UK)
Arabic & Quran Programme 2022, Egypt

The teachers are very precise when it comes to reciting correctly

Aziza Yusuf (UK)
Arabic & Quran Programme 2021, Egypt

"I ... can definitely see improvements in my recitation"

I loved studying at the partnered institute, the staff were extremely supportive and encouraging. I benefited a lot and can definitely see improvements in my recitation.

Khadijah Adbullah (UK)
Arabic & Quran Programme 2022, Egypt

"I enjoy how interactive the lessons. are.."

I enjoy how interactive the lessons are and how we do a lot of speaking practice and play a lot of games.

Anonymous (UK)
Arabic & Quran Programme 2022, Egypt

"The supervisor is very easy and comfortable to speak to"

The supervisor is very easy and comfortable to speak to. She made us feel welcome in Egypt and that we could come to her for help at any time which was very comforting. Upon meeting our landlord we told him all of our problems and the supervisor was very supportive of the situation and would speak on our behalf which eventually led him to agree to replace damaged stuff in the house such as mattresses and door handles.

Anonymous (UK)
Arabic & Quran Programme 2022, Egypt

"...helped me to settle in"

Well-organised program. Student noticeboard was useful & helped me to settle in. Information is usually communicated to us promptly.

Nasra Omar (UK)
Arabic & Quran Programme 2022, Egypt

"Class sizes are small which make the lessons more focused."

Soumaya Mahdi (UK)
Arabic & Quran Programme 2022, Egypt

Very good experience with explore Arabic from start to finish ! Loved all my teacher . Great atmosphere. I had the best experience ever ! Can’t wait to go back ????

Naouel Bourbia (France)
Quran for Beginners Programme 2023, Egypt

"...strengthens my connection with the Quran"

I love the tajweed side as well as the tibyan of imam an nawawi. Reading the Tibyan with the quran course js great because it builds a sense of gratification to Allah and strengthens my connection with the Quran. The sheikh explains the Tajweed rules very easy for me to understand and remember which I appreciate a lot.

Arabic & Quran Programme 2023, Egypt

What are you waiting for?

Contact us if you require further assistance


Frequently Asked

Are your teachers qualified?

We are highly selective with our teachers because we strongly believe they are the ones who put life into our programmes and are key to shaping student experiences.

The teachers are native Arabic speakers who are well-educated and specialised in the field of Arabic or related fields.

They have also undergone reputable teacher training in teaching Arabic to non-natives and are experienced so students can feel they are being taught by the best.

What value does your institute bring to students?
  • Student Services – Our Student Services team is dedicated to making you feel at ease whilst in Egypt, for problems you may face outside of classes (e.g. settling in, accompanying students to the hospital, visa renewal). You don’t need to know people in Egypt to get to Cairo safely, because we take on that role. Students who wish to spend more time on their studies, and less time organising everything around it will find the support and supervision we provide useful. 
  • Mentorship – If you’re unsure about your journey or facing challenges, we’re present to lend you an ear, and give you guidance and advice (as former Arabic students).
  • Focus and accountability – We take in small numbers of students at a time to focus on them during the programme. We believe in bringing value to students during their time with us and tailor content to their interests where possible. We’re keen on helping you reach your potential and guiding you to your end goal.
  • Small class sizes – Students develop a very close relationship with their teachers due to the intimate class sizes and the period they are given to benefit from each teacher.
  • Constantly developing to be better – While we will never claim to be the best  (as that is subjective to every individual), we have high standards in the services we provide. Our courses and services are shaped by student feedback which we conduct regularly.
  • Female friendly – much of what we provide is particularly appealing to sisters who do not have family staying with them during their studies. They benefit from staying with other like-minded sisters and our female staff who are available to receive them from the airport when they arrive. 
What currency are the fees in?

The fees displayed with the £ sign are GBP (Great British Pounds).

Payment in other currencies may be available (please check with the administration).

When should I apply?

You should try to apply as soon as registration is open as spaces. Places are limited so it’s best to reserve your place ahead of time, especially if you require accommodation.

When will places be accepted?

All our courses require a minimum number of students for a given level. We accept places and send confirmation emails as soon as the minimum number of students is reached.

What expenses are not covered?

Outside of the package, there are some costs you should factor in, among them: flights, visas, mobile data/credit, coursebooks, groceries, additional trips/excursions and transportation.

Click here for more information on living costs in Egypt.

If you wish to obtain Ijaazah, there is an additional fee for the Ijaazah sessions and to obtain the certificate. 

Can I stay for more than one year?

It would take 2 years to complete the full Arabic and Quran programme. After completing your package, you can purchase another package to extend the duration of your studies. 

Is this programme intensive?

The full-time programme can be intensive or semi-intensive for the average person. If you prefer something non-intensive, you should consider opting for the part-time programme.

When should I book my flight?

You should book your flight only AFTER your place and the course is confirmed and you are instructed to.

I don't know my level...

You will be assessed online via Zoom/Teams after you register and reserve your place.

What's the registration process?

1. Register
2. Pay a deposit to reserve your place
3. Arabic/Quran level placement test + Interview (online)
4. Receive a place offer
5. Pay for your programme
6. Book your flight and get ready for Cairo!

Is it hard to pass the interview?

The interview is friendly and nothing to stress about. It’s just to make sure the programme is suited to your needs and to ensure you understand what it entails.

What are the housing arrangement for families?

Families are required to arrange their own private accommodation. EA can assist in this process. 

Please contact us for further details. Packages excluding accommodation can be found here.

Who is the programme for?

Males and females over the age of 18 years. 

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