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Types of Programmes & Courses

We offer different types of courses in our programmes to suit different needs. All programmes have an orientation day 1-2 days before the course/programme start date. 

Short Courses

Short courses are 2 week long. They are suited particularly for those who aren’t able to take long time off due to work, studies or other commitments.

What can I achieve in 2 weeks?

Although you won’t learn Arabic in two weeks, it will help:
– beginners get started
– intermediate students to level up their knowledge and a means to help them get back on track
– advanced students to review and practice as well as develop what they already know.


Summer Programmes

Summer programmes are typically 4 – 8 weeks long.

What can I achieve in MY SUMMER BREAK?

Summers being the longest time students get off studies, it is the perfect time to focus on learning Arabic or Quran. One summer or consecutive summers will allow you to reach a big goal. It should be the time you work on learning what you’ve always wanted to learn full-time and do it part-time during the year until you reach your desired level. 

Ramadan Programmes

Ramadan programmes are 1 month (29 – 30 days, depending on the days of Ramadan). Suhoor and Iftaar are provided in our programmes so participants don’t need to busy themselves in food preparation.

Activities and events are also organised for Eid (upon request).

What can I achieve in Ramadan?

Ramadan can be used to cultivate good habits. Although it is good to set goals, it is even more important to focus on improving one’s habits as it is the vehicle in which will you will reach your targets. Being surrounded by dedicated and hardworking brother/sister and supportive teachers will help you stay motivated and consistent. 


Year-long Programmes

Year-long programmes are for individuals who would like to take a year out abroad to study Arabic or Quran (or both).

What can I achieve in a year?

Year-long programmes are of course the programmes that will allow you to achieve the more because you have a better chance to absorb and take-in what you’re learning. What you can achieve in a year naturally depends on your capacity and ability to stay motivated.

Online Learning

Not possible to go abroad at all? No worries, lessons online means you can study anywhere at times that suit you. Lessons are conducted through a virtual classroom online where your teacher teaches you using the exact same tools as he/she would in a normal classroom. Pictures, a whiteboard, powerpoint presentations etc. You can even write on the board and interact with your instructor. Classes can be one-to-one or in groups.

We have made it possible for student to take any course that they take in Egypt or Turkey, available online too. This means that you can carry on learning your coursebook and complete levels when you return home. You can also study online before going abroad to prepare yourself.


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