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Summer Arabic Programme
03 July – 24 Aug 2022

Year-long Arabic & Quran Programme
Sept 2022 – Aug 2023


Year-long Arabic & Quran Programme 2021-2022 (Sisters-only)


    Other Upcoming

     Ramadan Quran Programme (Istanbul)
    Ramadan 2023


    Enlighten yoursef in the city of Istanbul, the once capital of the Ottoman empire.



    Visit the ancient city of Cairo, home of many scholars and specialist of the Arabic language and Quranic sciences…

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    Arabic & Quran programmes 

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    Our Mission & Vision

    Explore Arabic’s vision and mission is to help you learn Arabic 

    We facilitate Arabic and Quran learning through . This includes overseas programmes in Egypt and Turkey and classes online.

    We aim for our Arabic programmes to be as immersive as possible. By immersive we mean you are made to use Arabic as a result of needing to. You participate in projects and have the chance to go on educational trips alongside your usual Arabic classes.

    pyramids in Egypt and camel

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    Registration open

    You can now register for our summer Arabic course in Cairo.

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    What  we offer

    Curriculums tailored to give you the best

    Suitable accommodation


    A chance to explore awesome new locations

    Immersive language activities 

    Educational resources to support learning

    Meet new people

    Long-term courses and short courses

    Learn as you get involved

    Experienced and qualified teachers


    Upcoming programmes


    Summer Arabic Programme

    03 JULY – 24 AUG 2022, CAIRO

    Arabic Language – A general Arabic course from beginner to advanced.

    Arabic calligraphy –  An introductory course to Arabic calligraphy .  

    Year-long Arabic programme (Female-only) 2022-2023

    sept 2022 – aug 2023
    madinat nasr, cairo

    A all-inclusive structured one-year programme in Egypt for  females to study the Arabic language and Quran.





    Ramadan Quran (TBC)

    23 March – 25 APR 2023, Istanbul

    Applied Tajweed – Learn to recite Quran with tajweed practically. *Quran khatm (completion) with this programme.   

    Hifdh – Have a teacher set you targets and monitor your hifdh throughout Ramadan.  

    Quran for Beginners – Learn to read Quran with the correct foundations. 


    News & Articles

    Explaining unfamiliar vocabulary of the Quran

    Explaining unfamiliar vocabulary of the Quran

    The language of the Quran is classical and there are words which are not used today. Gathered in this wonderful book is a list of unfamiliar vocabulary with the meaning (in modern standard Arabic), organised by Surah. This is useful if you’re looking to memorise...

    Registration open for 2021-2022 pilot programme!

    We've opened up registration for our pilot 2021-2022 study Arabic abroad programme which will take place in Cairo, Egypt. Spaces are limited so register and reserve your place ASAP. For more info visit: Don't forget to join the giveaway...