Quran Programmes

Learn to read the Quran with the correct foundations, stay motivated in your Hifdh journey and master reciting with Tajweed.
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Teachers with Ijaazah and experience in teaching the Quranic sciences to English-speakers


Our classes are student-centred which will keep you engaged and focused


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In this course for complete beginners, you will complete reading the Qaa’idah with the teacher. This is the first step to reading the Quran independently.  

Recommended hours: 40-80 hours

*Duration depends on the age and abilities of different students. 

Memorise Qur’an with a teacher to guide and motivate you every step of the way.

Learn how to improve your Tajweed through explanation and practical application. In this course, you will cover all the essential Tajweed rules and you will work towards completing the recitation of the Quran to the teacher. Your Tajweed will be improved along the way practically. 

Learn the rules of Tajweed in depth. 

Course duration: 50 hrs 


(3-8 Students)
(2 Students)
Per Hour £8 £10
 Evaluation (30 mins)
+ Trial Lessons (3 hrs)
£20 £20
Block-booking (5 hrs) £25 £35 £50
Block-booking (10 hrs) £45 £70 £90
Course- booking (40 hrs) £150 £240 £320

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Frequently Asked

What's an evaluation?

The evaluation lasts for 15-30 minutes. During this time, we assess your level and needs so we can place you on the right course. 

What's the registration process?

Private Lessons:
1. Register
2. Do an online level placement test
3. Attend evaluation session
4. Book your classes with your teacher

Group Classes:
1. Register
2. Do an online level placement test
3. Get details on your class timetable


What is the cancellation policy?

You can view all our policies on our terms and conditions page here: www.explorearabic.org/terms

How do I take the lessons?

You will be given guidance on how to study online with us by admin. 

We use Microsoft Teams for Schools for our live online classes. 

Are the teachers qualified?

The teachers have Ijaazah and experience in teaching English and Arabic-speakers.

Are lessons recorded?

Lessons are recorded for quality and training purposes only. If you prefer not to have the recording, you can request this or you can keep your camera turned off.

The recordings are only viewed and handled by female staff, and are kept private and deleted after three months.