Visas for short stays (less than 3 months)

The most efficient and cost-effective way of dealing with visas for a short stay:
1. Get a 30-day tourist visa ($25 upon arrival/ a slightly different charge online) + 15 days grace period) = 45 days.
2. Pay a fine at the airport for overstaying (approximately $120 for 2 weeks,  the amount requested can vary depending on the length of time you overstayed)

*While overstaying and paying a fine seems daunting, it is common practice amongst foreigners as the visa renewal process in Egypt can be cumbersome, and the fine you pay will add up to a similar amount to renewing the visa.

Common misunderstanding
The 90-day multiple entry visa online does not permit you to stay in Egypt for 90-days. Its purpose is just to allow you to enter and leave Egypt within the 90-days without having to get a visa each time. When you enter Egypt with the 90-day multiple entry visa, the maximum duration of staying in Egypt is still 30 days.

Visas for long stays

$25 – One-month tourist visa upon entry (+15 days grace period)
$260 – Residency paperwork and taxes (a conservative estimate, you may be charged less) *a third-party is used for this service

$120 – Per visa renewal (either a 3-months or 6-month extension is given)

IN TOTAL for the year (including the one-off costs):
– Minimum: $525 (given you are granted a 6 months extension upon each renewal which is the ideal case)
– Maximum: $765 (given you are granted 3 months extension upon each renewal)
It’s also possible that they grant you different extensions at each renewal, so you may pay something in between the minimum and maximum quoted above. You may even pay less than the minimum stated above, we advise students to reserve a conservative amount just in case you need it.

Note for families: Children under 16 do not need a visa.

The visa office does not choose the duration of your extension based on set criteria. Neither Explore Arabic nor our partner institutes are in control of the process.

The option of obtaining a visa upon arrival isn’t available for all nationalities so please check the list of eligible countries. Some nationalities are required to gain a visa from their home country by submitting an offer letter (from the centre in Egypt) with the documents – this process should be done ahead of time so that you receive your visa in time. Visa guidelines have been set according to what the institutes have advised us for students. Students are responsible for looking at the visa requirements of Egypt for their nationality before travelling.



50-200 USD monthly

It can be more or less, depending on where you spend your money and what you buy. 


If your accommodation is not walking distance, you can expect to pay approximately $20-$60 on travel a month depending on the mode of transport used, and if you split costs with other students when sharing a taxi.


Coursebooks can cost between 140-200 USD in a YEAR. It will depend on the courses you take.

NOTE: The cost is distributed over the year as you progress through the levels.


Students staying in our accommodation for more than 3 months are required to pay a security deposit of 4000 EGP which will be returned at the end of their stay, after successful inspection of the apartment.

Utilities, maintenance and internet are included in the rent, however there is a fair usage policy. If students go above the monthly allowance they are required to split the difference. However, students rarely go over the allowance. 

Please note the information provided on living costs is intended to be used as guidelines to help students understand what type of living costs to expect. This is not an exhaustive list, but are key costs to keep in mind to make sure you are financially equipped during your studies. Other expenses to consider include things such as additional excursions/trips and medical bills (if you use health services).