The private housing system is for families and individuals who prefer their own apartments.

You are required to have paid the fees for your course to access this service.

Your requirements should be sent at least 2 weeks in advance of your arrival so the search can begin.

You should arrive AT LEAST 3 days before the start date of the programme and stay in a hotel/apartment (we can provide recommendations upon request). During these days, you will be shown apartments according to your budget and criteria (e.g. monthly rent, number of bedrooms etc) by our representative.

The estimated budget is mentioned in USD instead of EGP for the purpose of giving you an idea of the costs due to the inflation crisis which is causing pricing to change currently in EGP. The actual cost in EGP will be equivalent to the amount in USD (more or less). When you are given options, they will be presented to you in EGP unless the landlord quotes in USD.


Upon choosing the apartment, you are expected to pay the following:

  • Broker fees – Equals to a month’s rent (brokers are usually used in Egypt to find houses). This fee is waived if we manage to get an apartment directly from a landlord.
  • Security deposit – Equals to a month’s rent (in exceptional circumstances, the landlord may ask for 2 months, especially for foreigners) – you may or may not receive this back at the end of your stay – the landlord will look at the apartment and decide.
  • One month’s rent in advance

e.g. If you find an apartment for $250 /month, you will pay $750 ($250 for the broker, $250 for the security deposit, $250 for the first month’s rent)

The suggested budget for monthly rent is $230-$600 for something decent.


The monthly rent for short stays is higher than for long stays (6 months+). You can pay a monthly rate or per day. Proposed budget $300 -$1100.

The broker fees for shorter stays is a percentage of one month.


Rent differs depending on the number of bedrooms, location, apartment size, furniture quality etc. You can find something with lower rent, but you may have to make some compromises. You should give us a minimum and maximum for your budget. Please keep in mind that you are limited to what the property market offers you at the time of searching. Apartments become available and unavailable in a matter of moments, especially in the summer which is peak season. We will negotiate the best price for you where possible

  • You are in charge of covering utility bills, internet, and repairs.
    • Utility bills (electricity, gas, water) are approximately 1000 EGP-3000 EGP /month (more or less; there’s usually a spike if you use AC),
    • We will support you with getting plumbers, electricians, cleaners etc when needed.
  • Our representative will propose 2-3 apartments according to your criteria, the representative can view up to 3 of them with you. If you wish to see more than those proposed, you may visit more with the broker, and let the representative know once you make a choice and they will close the deal for you (if you wish).


  • Renting before arrival is only accepted in exceptional circumstances.
  • If you want the apartment to be arranged before you come, you must accept the following:
    • You will have to pay rent from the day you agree to take the apartment and have your deposit for the apartment ready with us beforehand
    • The video/photos taken of the apartment may not be the most accurate depiction of the apartment, especially in terms of size. There may be certain flaws/features that concern you and are unknown to the representative looking at the apartments for you (whether our representative or a third party (broker)) and are not captured by the photos/videos. Tenants must accept this risk in full, with no responsibility on EA.
    • The representative will look up to 3 apartments of your choice in-person. If you wish to see more, there will be an additional charge.
    • The deposit must be ready with us before the search for the apartment takes place so it is ready for payment as soon as you find the apartment (in Egypt, the house is not reserved for you until you pay the deposit, therefore what you pick can be taken by someone else). Once you pay the deposit, it will usually not be refunded by the landlord.