Highly qualified and native-speaker teachers with experience teaching foreigners



Learning to communicate effectively is every student’s priority. Our EXTRA Fusha conversation and dialect classes are dedicated to help you achieve just that


With only 3-8 students per class, our classes are small and intimate making there more speaking time for students.

Level: Beginner-Advanced
No of Levels: 18
Duration: 50-66 hrs per level
Prerequisites: Your level will be determined through a placement test.

This Programme is composed of 2 parts:

Part 1: Core Arabic 

This is the main structured programme for Arabic which takes you from a beginner to a proficient user of the language. It is a general Fusha (Standard) Arabic Programme that targets and develops all four language skills simultaneously: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. It teaches grammar (Nahw, Sarf, and Balagha) and vocabulary related to a wide range of topics and themes, modern and classical across the levels.

It is composed of 18 levels, with the levels from beginner to advanced having a duration of 50 hours*. One level is completed over 4 weeks, with there being an exam at the end of each level.
*The final advanced level have longer durations, please view the Curriculum Overview page for more information.

Part 2: Projects & Activities

Additionally, the Programme includes immersion Arabic classes (16 hours per level). These classes are added to improve your communication skills (writing and speaking) and make your experience more immersive. Additional classes:

  • Projects & Activities (3 hours weekly) – benefit from a variety of activities such as debating, extended role-plays, presentations, and calligraphy. Activities will depend on your level and interests. 
  • Speaking classes (1 hour weekly) – Additional weekly conversation practice conducted in small groups of 2-4 students. 


What students have said...

"A strength of the Arabic programme is the group discussions and creative activities. e.g. plan a business idea and pitch it."

Anonymous (UK)
Arabic & Quran Programme 2022, Egypt

The teachers are very precise when it comes to reciting correctly

Aziza Yusuf (UK)
Arabic & Quran Programme 2021, Egypt

"I ... can definitely see improvements in my recitation"

I loved studying at the partnered institute, the staff were extremely supportive and encouraging. I benefited a lot and can definitely see improvements in my recitation.

Khadijah Adbullah (UK)
Arabic & Quran Programme 2022, Egypt

"I enjoy how interactive the lessons. are.."

I enjoy how interactive the lessons are and how we do a lot of speaking practice and play a lot of games.

Anonymous (UK)
Arabic & Quran Programme 2022, Egypt

"The supervisor is very easy and comfortable to speak to"

The supervisor is very easy and comfortable to speak to. She made us feel welcome in Egypt and that we could come to her for help at any time which was very comforting. Upon meeting our landlord we told him all of our problems and the supervisor was very supportive of the situation and would speak on our behalf which eventually led him to agree to replace damaged stuff in the house such as mattresses and door handles.

Anonymous (UK)
Arabic & Quran Programme 2022, Egypt

"...helped me to settle in"

Well-organised program. Student noticeboard was useful & helped me to settle in. Information is usually communicated to us promptly.

Nasra Omar (UK)
Arabic & Quran Programme 2022, Egypt

"Class sizes are small which make the lessons more focused."

Soumaya Mahdi (UK)
Arabic & Quran Programme 2022, Egypt

Very good experience with explore Arabic from start to finish ! Loved all my teacher . Great atmosphere. I had the best experience ever ! Can’t wait to go back ????

Naouel Bourbia (France)
Quran for Beginners Programme 2023, Egypt

"...strengthens my connection with the Quran"

I love the tajweed side as well as the tibyan of imam an nawawi. Reading the Tibyan with the quran course js great because it builds a sense of gratification to Allah and strengthens my connection with the Quran. The sheikh explains the Tajweed rules very easy for me to understand and remember which I appreciate a lot.

Arabic & Quran Programme 2023, Egypt



Core Arabic Programme
(50 hours, 1 Level, 4 weeks)

(Regular Schedule)

(Custom Schedule)


(Regular Schedule)

(Custom Schedule)

Immersion Arabic Programme
(66 hours, 1 Level, 4 weeks)


  • The Core Arabic Programme includes 12.5 hours of General Arabic (Fusha) weekly – this is the main Arabic programme.
  • The Immersion Arabic Programme includes 16.5 hours of Arabic classes weekly, consisting of: the Core Arabic Programme, Projects & Activities and Speaking classes. This is to make your experience more immersive with more time to improve your communication skills.
  • Regular schedule (Full-time): 2.5 hours daily, 5 days a week.
  • Semi-Private means 2 students in a class.



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