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Arabic Short Courses

Istanbul - Spring 2020



An Effective Curriculum

Study from the most recommended coursebooks and materials.

Trips & Excursions

Get a chance to explore Istanbul besides your studies through trips organised by us.

Materials Provided + Extra

You will be provided all the materials you need for the course. Plus, you will get exclusive complementary access to learning tools and flashcards.

Continue Learning Online

Continue taking your course after the programme finishes via live online lessons with our partner institute at times that suit you, from anywhere!**

Meet new people

Build new friendships and connections with others with similar interests.

Affordable Accommodation Options

Shared student accommodation from $15-$20 per night (breakfast included). *Male and female hostels are separate.***


Arabic Language

Istanbul, Turkey

6 April – 17 Apr 2020
20 Apr – 1 May 2020

Levels: Beginner – Advanced
Duration: 30 hours / 2 weeks
Ages: 16+

A comprehensive  Modern Standard Arabic language course for beginners to advanced learners. This language programme develops all your language skills (listening, reading, writing and grammar). Go forward in learning Arabic with our structured curriculum.

This package includes:

  • 20 lesson hours
  • 10 skills enhancing sessions
  • 1 day trip

£290  £220

(Early Bird OFFER)

Arabic for Teens

Istanbul, Turkey

6 April – 17 Apr 2020

Levels: Beginner – Advanced
Duration: 30 hours / 2 weeks
Ages: 12-16 

A complete Modern Standard Arabic course for teens. 

This package includes:

  • 20 lesson hours
  • 10 skills enhancing sessions
  • 1 day trip

£290  £220

(Early Bird OFFER)

Arabic Speaking

Istanbul, Turkey

6 April – 17 Apr 2020
20 Apr – 1 May 2020

Levels: Intermediate-Advanced
Duration: 30 hours / 2 weeks
Ages: 16+

It’s very common for learners of Arabic to understand written and spoken Arabic, but struggle to string words together. This course aims to teach you to express yourself verbally with accuracy, fluency and confidence. 

*Please note that this course requires a background in Arabic

This package includes:

  • 30 lesson hours
  • 1 day trip

£240  £195

(Early Bird OFFER)

Arabic Language INTENSIVE

Istanbul, Turkey

6 April – 17 Apr 2020
20 Apr – 1 May 2020

Levels: Beginner – Advanced
Duration: 40 hours / 2 weeks
Ages: 16+

Learn Arabic as quickly as possible with this intensive course.

In this intensive short course, you will complete one sub-level

This package includes:

  • 40 lesson hours
  •  1 day trip

£320  £290

(Early Bird OFFER)

Don’t miss out on exploring while you’re here…

Şile & Ağva

Enjoy natural scenery


Uludağ Mountain
Inkaya Sycamore 
The Green mosque
Silk Souk
Turkish delight 
Natural Honey.

Sapanca & Maşukiye

Sapanca River
Quad bikes
Natural Turkish soap
Honey factory
Shopping Outles

Early Bird offer ENDS:

15 Feb 2020

Registration closes:

3 March 2020

Get the most out of your time

We've organised our programme in Turkey so that you have opportunities to practice your Arabic practically alongside your normal classes.

Here are some of our arrangements:

  • Trips with Arabic educational activities
  • Weekly communication improvement sessions
  • The student accommodation houses many Arabic speaking students
  • The language centre is located in an area with many Arabs


Get started

Limited PLACES available

1. Register and reserve your place
2. Take placement test online
3. Place confirmation
4.  Book your flight and get ready to go



Turkey has become an increasingly relevant location to study Arabic and Quran due to its stability, strong links to the Islamic world and its expanding Arab population. 

Although Turkey is not an Arabic speaking country, the classes and activities we provide will equip you with what you need. 


Enlighten yourself in the spectacular city of Istanbul, the once capital of the great Ottoman empire.

Early Bird Offer

Get 9 – 20% Off

OFFER ENDS : 15 February 2020 









What are you waiting for?

Contact us if you have any queries or get started by registering. 


Frequently Asked

When should I apply?

You should try to apply as soon as registration is open to avoid disappointment. Places are limited so it's best to reserve your place ahead of time.

You should think of applying even earlier if you require student accomodation because it is given on a first come first serve basis and can run out fast.

When will places be accepted?

All our courses require a minimum number of students for a given level. We accept places  as soon as the minimum number of students is reached.

Are trips included in the programme?

Although we try to include excursions in our language programme, this will not always be the case.

However, we do offer trips and visits alongside classes (additional costs).

Are flights included in the programme fees?

Unless it is explicity stated, flights are not included in the programme fees.

Are accommodation and classes mixed?

Accommodation and classes for males and females are separate.

Is accommodation included?

This differs from programme to programme. The description box for each course will mention will expressly say if it is. 

When should I book my flight?

You should book your flight only AFTER your place is confirmed.

I don't know my level...

No worries! You will be assessed online via Zoom once you register and reserve your place. 

What's the registration process?

1. Register

2. Pay a deposit to reserve your place in the course. 

3. Book + attend online placement test

4. Receive place confirmation

5. Pay remaining programme fees within 3 days of place confirmation

6. Book flight and get ready to go!


Are the programmes for males or females?

The programmes are available for males and females. If it is restricted to age and geneder, it will be explicitly mentioned. 

Is there a referral discount?

You and your friend are entitled to a 5% discount if you both attend the same course. Referral discounts are applicable to specific courses only (it would be mentioned on the registration form)


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