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Ramadan Quran Programme 2023






Taking out the time to focus will allow you to start building better habits as well as learn. Being surrounded by students with similar goals is motivating and helps you make progress.


Get a chance to explore Turkey

2 trips included!


Experience the month of Ramadan in  a Muslim country – break your fast together and pray  taraweeh. 


Continue taking your course after the programme finishes via live online lessons at times that suit you, from anywhere! (additional fees)


Make the most out of your time by spending less time preparing food and more on achieving targets.


Shared accommodation (males and females separate)


 Tajweed & Hifdh

Duration: 60 hours
Ages: 16+

Have a teacher set your targets and monitor your hifdh throughout Ramadan. You’ll learn to recite  with tajweed so memorisation is complete. 

This course includes:

  • 20 hours of Tajweed lessons
  • 40 hours of Hifdh 


Tajweed & Khatm

Duration: 80 hours
Ages: 16+

Improve your practical application of Tajweed and learn to recite the Quran correctly. The essential tajweed rules are taught in this course. 

Student of this course will complete reciting the Quran (khatm) during Ramadan from cover to cover. 

This course includes:

  • 20 hours – Tajweed lessons
  • 60 hours – Quran Khatm class 


    Quran for Beginners

    Duration: 80 hours
    Ages: 16+

    Learn to read the Quran during Ramadan  properly by building sound foundations. You’ll be able to read Arabic with the correct pronunciation and recite the essential surahs by the end of Ramadan.

    This course includes:

    • 80 hours – Beginner Arabic lesson


    Şile & Ağva

    ▶ Transport to and from the location
    ▶ Meal by the riverside
    ▶ River boat ride


    A hidden lake, Şile’s historical minaret, Şile beaches, Göksu river, Ağva 


    ▶ Transport to and from the location
    ▶ Meal provided

    Uludağ mountain (and ride cable cars), Inkaya Sycamore (a giant tree), the Green mosque, the popular silk souk, Turkish delight and honey shops…

    Sapanca & Maşukiye

    ▶ Transport to and from
    ▶ Meal provided

    Visits and activities
    Sapanca river, quad bikes, waterfalls, natural Turkish soap and honey factory, a mall outlet with international brands

    + 2 TRIPS

    Because balance is key…

    Accommodation options

    Details will be posted soon

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    Registration closes:


    What are you waiting for?


    Frequently Asked

    When should I apply?

    You should try to apply as soon as registration is open to avoid disappointment. Places are limited so it's best to reserve your place ahead of time.

    You should think of applying even earlier if you require student accomodation because it is given on a first come first serve basis and can run out fast.

    When will places be accepted?

    All our courses require a minimum number of students for a given level. We accept places  as soon as the minimum number of students is reached.

    Are trips included in the programme?

    Although we try to include excursions in our language programme, this will not always be the case.

    However, we do offer trips and visits alongside classes (additional costs).

    Are flights included in the programme fees?

    Unless it is explicity stated, flights are not included in the programme fees.

    Is accommodation included?


    I don't know my level...

    No worries! You will be assessed online via Zoom once you register and reserve your place. 

    What's the registration process?

    1. Register

    2. Pay a deposit to reserve your place in the course.

    3. Book + attend online placement test

    4. Receive place confirmation

    5. Pay remaining programme fees within 3 days of place confirmation

    6. Book flight and get ready to go!


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