The books of Tafsir are many (اللهم بارك والحمد لله) and listing them all may give you decision fatigue. So, for those who are looking for somewhere to start, or for some recommendations, here are a couple in PDF format (click the title to open):

Tafsir As-Sa’di (English) – 10 Volumes
Tafsir As-Sa’di is considered one of the most simple and concise commentaries to read, and is a great starting point for beginners, youth and those new to Islam. 

Tafsir At-Tabari (Arabic) – 7 Volumes
Tafsir At-Tabari by Muhammad ibn Jarir At-Tabari is considered one of the most comprehensive and authentic commentaries, highly recommended by scholars. It explains verses through other verses, ahadith and sayings of the Sahaaba. 

Safwat-At-Tafsir (Arabic) – 3 Volumes
Safwat At-Tafsir (صفوة التفسير) is by Ustadh Muhammad Ali As-Saabuni who is a professor at the Faculty of Islamic Studies at King Abdul-Aziz University in Makkah. The tafsir takes from the popular tafsirs (At-Tabari, Al-kashaaf, Al-Qurtubi, Al-Alusi, Ibn Kathir, Al-Bahr Al-Muhit and others) and presents it in a straightforward and concise manner, an updated layout with notes on language and eloquence.