Arabic Speaking Programme

Egypt (In-person)

Join Our Innovative Arabic Speaking Program and Transform Your Language Skills



Teachers are natives with qualifications and experience in teaching Arabic to non-natives


Our classes are student-centred which will keep you engaged and focused


Our groups classes are small and intimate so every student has time to interact with the teacher


We put a lot of thought into the course materials for our programme so you can learn from the best resources.



This Arabic Speaking Programme is specifically designed to improve your verbal communication skills in Fusha Arabic through a variety of activities such as (but not limited to) structured dialogues, debates, presentations, interviews and role-play. 

There is also a wide range of topics covered across the levels giving you a well-rounded exposure to the language. Intermediate and advanced levels also give students the flexibility to choose topics tailored to their interests and needs. 

The programme is perfect for you if you:

  • Are currently studying an Arabic course which doesn’t have sufficient speaking practice (e.g. the main focus is on grammar)
  • You studied Arabic previously and want to brush up on your speaking skills.

Note: This course differs from the General Arabic Language course which focuses on all 4 language skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking). The speaking course focuses mainly on improving your speaking. There is some grammar, but it is mostly functional and for practical purposes. 




Small group classes


Improve your speaking fluency and confidence


Expand your vocabulary and express yourself better


Interactive and practical exercises


Structured curriculum and tailored learning


Separate classes for males and females


Elementary (80 hrs)

You will practice having a dialogue in common everyday contexts such as (but not limited to): clothing, food, school/university, jobs, and houses.

The main focus is to get you to use foundational grammar correctly and more confidently to improve fluency.

Examples of activities: dialogues, role-play, presentations, 

Intermediate (80 hours)

You will practice dialogues in everyday topics in a more complex way. In this level, you improve your ability to describe things, places, and feelings.

Topics include (but are not limited to): homes, hobbies, professions, stories, memories, entertainment, clothing, and problems.

As well as practicing dialogues, students also have the opportunity to choose topics they are interested in discussing in class. Topics that overlap with the previous level is studied in more depth.

Examples of activities: debating, discussing, presenting, interviewing, role-play etc.

Upper-Intermediate (80 hours)

You will begin to interact with more complex and various topics such as (but not limited to): social problems, decisions, stories, and descriptions.

The topics taught at this level are more specific and higher-level and the variety of activities in this level help you develop your soft skills.

Examples of activities: debating, discussing, presenting, interviewing, role-play etc. 

Advanced (80 hours)

You will learn to use more advanced phrases and expressions to make your speech closer to a native. You will interact with past themes from different angles and in more complex ways. As well as practicing dialogues, students also have the opportunity to choose topics they are interested in discussing in class. 

Examples of activities: debating, discussing, presenting, interviewing, role-play etc. 


Proficient (80 hours)

You are free to choose topics of your own interest. You will practice speaking using more developed and sophisticated sentences around native-speaker level topics and be expected to speak about topics at length and depth, being able to notice subtleties  and nuances. Topics can range from politics, classical texts, Islamic literature, history, scientific research etc.

Examples of activities: debating, discussing, presenting, interviewing, role-play etc. 


1-Month Speaking Course

24 Dec 2023 – 18 JAN 2024
  •  1 level of Arabic Speaking (80 hours) *Group classes


£205    £65

+Add 2-Month Accommodation and Airport Transfers for:
£350 (Shared Room) or
£450 (Private Room)

6-Month Speaking Package

21 JANUARY- 31 JULY 2024
  • 3 levels of Arabic Speaking (240 hours) *Group classes
  • 3 Trips
  • Airport Transfers

£785    £410

(Without Accommodation)

£1735   £1550

(With Accommodation)

1-Level Speaking Course

  • 1 level of Arabic Speaking (80 hours)
  • Customized Schedule (can be completed over 1 month or 2 months)






Full-day Trips 

The Nile river
Port Said
Islamic Cairo

The Red Sea
+ others

These are examples of the trips we offer. Extra trips not included in the programme have additional charges


WiFi & Utility bills included
General maintenance
Shared room

Upgrade to a Private Room

£390 – Small
£450 – Medium
£610 – Large



Frequently Asked

How will you know my level?

We conduct a placement test after you register..

What's the registration process?

1. Register
2. Book your placement test with us.
3. Pay for the course
4. Get started!

What is the cancellation policy?

You can view all our policies on our terms and conditions page here:

Are your teachers qualified?

We are highly selective with our teachers because we strongly believe they are the ones who put life into our programmes and are key to shaping student experiences. 

The teachers are native Arabic speakers who are well-educated and specialised in the field of Arabic or related fields.

They have also undergone reputable teacher training in teaching Arabic to non-natives and are experienced so students can feel they are being taught by the best. 

How does your institute differ from others?
  • Student Services – Our Student Services team is dedicated to make you feel at ease whilst in Egypt, for problems you may face outside of classes (e.g. settling in, accompanying students to the hospital, visa renewal). You don’t need to know people in Egypt to get to Cairo safely, because we take on that role. Students who wish to spend more time on their studies, and less time searching for housing,, reliable teachers/places to study, will find our services useful. 
  • Mentorship – If you’re unsure about your journey or facing challenges, we’re present to lend you an ear, give you guidance and advice (as former Arabic students).
  • Focused – We take in small numbers of students at a time to focus on them during the programme. We focus on the quality of education and value we bring students, and tailor content to their interests where possible. We’re keen on helping you reach your potential and guiding you to your end goal. 
  • Warm and friendly atmosphere – Students develop a very close relationship with their teachers due to the intimate class sizes and the period of time they are given to benefit from each teacher.
  • Constantly developing to be better – While we will never claim to be the best  (as that is subjective to every individual), we have high standards in the services we provide. Our courses and services are shaped by student feedback which we conduct regularly. 
Can I take Quran classes with the speaking programme?

Yes, you can contact us to let us know what classes are running during the period of your stay. Private lessons are also available.

We offer Hifdh, Tajweed (applied/practical and theory), Ijaazahs, Recitation Improvement, and Mutoon. The teachers are very skilled, passionate and knowledgeable.

What currency are the fees in?

In GBP (Great British Pounds).

Payment in other currencies may be available (please check with the administration).

What's the timetable of the classes?

Times are confirmed closer to classes starting. 

You take 10 hours weekly of speaking (2 hours , 5 days a week) *The distribution of the hours may differ on some weeks due to things like national holidays. 

How many hours do I have to study outside of class?

We recommend spending at least 2 hours going over your notes, memorizing vocabulary, and completing any speaking preparation given to you daily. The more you put into the programme, the more you will get out of it.