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Year-long Arabic & Quran Programme

Egypt, 2022-2023




Get exclusive access to our study resources that will ease your journey of learning Arabic


Get a chance to explore Egypt besides your studies through trips organised by us.



Learning to communicate effectively is every student’s priority. Our EXTRA Fusha conversation and dialect classes are dedicated to help you achieve just that


Get to and from the airport with less to worry about.


Furnished accommodations with WifI and utility bills taken care of!


Staying in Egypt can be filled with challenges. Our team is there to make them go away.


Dates: September 2022 – August 2023
Location: Nasr City, Cairo
Levels: Beginner – Advanced
Ages: 18+ years

This year-long programme provides students with a well-rounded experience on their year abroad in Egypt. The curriculum gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the language and gain plenty of speaking practice alongside their core Arabic language classes.

Programme includes:

  • Arabic language lessons (listening, reading, writing, grammar, speaking) – 5 days a week
  • Quran classes (Hifdh and Tajweed) – 5 days a week
  • Projects & Activities – Make your experience truly immersive
  • Speaking practice with native speakers (small groups)
  • Aamiyyah (one term)
  • 3 trips
  • Coursebooks & materials
  • Furnished accommodation (+ WiFi, utility bills & repairs)
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Visa assistance
  • Care and support throughout your stay 

Package Fee: £5500  £4700 


Full-day and half-day trips 

The Nile river
Old Cairo
The Red Sea
+ others

These are examples of the trips we offer. Extra trips not included in the programme have additional charges


Utility bills


Get the most out of your time

Language immersion is probably why you're thinking of going to an Arabic speaking country. However, you may struggle to find natives who interact with you at your level. Our programme is designed to ensure all your learning needs are met while you're here in Egypt.

  • Projects & Activities - these are designed to improve your listening, speaking, and writing skills practically through enjoyable projects and activities.
  • Speaking Pals - practice speaking with natives in Fusha who are trained to make you get the best out of each practice session.
  • Egyptian dialect  ('Aamiyyah) classes - learn to get down with the locals and make your way around easily and independently so you can fully enjoy being here.






1. Register & reserve your place
2. Attend your interview
3. Place confirmation
4. Get ready to go

Why Egypt?

Visit the ancient city of Cairo, home to many scholars and specialist of the Arabic language and Quranic sciences…

Egypt has always been a learning hub for Arabic, Quran and Islamic sciences being where scholars in these fields and their students reside and teach.  

Areas like Madinat Nasr are buzzing with foreigners from all corners of the world in their journey of studying Arabic, Quran and Islamic studies so you'll not only meet locals, but people of other cultures who probably only share one language with you (Arabic).

Although the language of the streets is the Egyptian colloquial dialect (known as  'Aamiyyah), it is still relatively easy to pick up as it has been minimally influenced by the language of its  colonisers. Many words are derived from fusha (Modern Standard Arabic) so it is possible to understand what is being said over time.

The Islamic atmosphere, friendly people and hospitality leaves everyone with memories that  gives them a longing to return back.

What are you waiting for?

Contact us if you require further assistance


Frequently Asked

When should I apply?

You should try to apply as soon as registration is open to avoid disappointment. Places are limited so it’s best to reserve your place ahead of time.

When will places be accepted?

All our courses require a minimum number of students for a given level. We accept places and send confirmation emails as soon as the minimum number of students is reached.

Are trips included in the programme?

3 trips are included in the programme. Others are paid for by students. 

What expenses are not covered?

Flights, visas, groceries and travel.

Can I stay for more than one year?

Yes! This one-year programme is part of our 3-year curriculum.

Year 1:
Beginners reach an intermediate level,

Year 2:
Intermediates reach advanced level

Year 3:
Advanced level students become proficient

Is accommodation included?


When should I book my flight?

You should book your flight only AFTER your place and the course is confirmed and you are instructed to.

I don't know my level...

You will be assessed online via Zoom after you register and reserve your place.

What's the registration process?

1. Register 

2. Pay a deposit to reserve your place

3. Arabic level placement test + Interview

4. Receive place confirmation

5. Pay remaining programme fees within 3 days of place confirmation

6. Book flight and get ready for Cairo!


Who is the programme for?

Brothers and sisters over the age of 18 years.

What are the arrangement for families?

Although the programme is not specifically catered to families, students may choose to live in separate accommodation with their family. 

Contact us for further details.

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